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LG is the embodiment of hustle. As the driving force behind Thelma and The Sleaze, she is the songwriter, the visionary, the take-no-shit-from-anyone front woman that is single handedly keeping rock and roll alive. Thelma and The Sleaze has been touring the US for years building a legion of fans, affectionally called her creepers. The growing social media presence, the hit podcast, the features with Yamaha Guitars are really all the result of her incredible songwriting, visceral guitar playing, and the guts to deliver on her vision of what Rock and Roll should be.


Thier new album, Fuck, Marry, Kill is the culmination of years of breaking down, building up, and growing their sound. After the disintegration of their old line-up and pulling together new bandmates, LG has been touring with them almost nonstop with over 60 shows in the first half of 2019 alone.   Amidst all the touring, the band was able to track Fuck, Marry, Kill in Nashville, produced by LG with Mixing and Mastering by Jim Kissling in Detroit (King Tuff, Ex Hex, The Go).